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We Pay Your Deductible

Most People Qualify For Full Deductible Reimbursement!


Even If You Don’t Have Rental Car Coverage


We Work With Your Insurance Company

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No Out Of Pocket Costs

In most cases, we can pay your deductible. All you need to is drop off your car and we take care of the rest!

We Work With Your Insurance

We work with all insurance companies! We will work directly with your insurance to get your car fixed! We work for YOU!

Complimentary Rental Car

If your insurance policy does not provide a rental car, we often can provide one free of charge!

You Keep Your Factory Paint Job

Our paintless repair is better than repainting. When you repaint, it is just not as clean or brilliant as the factory paint job. When we can perform a paintless repair it is always preferred. In case the repair requires paint, don’t worry, we do that too!

The Repair Process

Frequently Asked Questions

The correct term is no out-of-pocket cost, meaning you should not pay anything above what your insurance pays. For example. We submit an estimate for $3500 dollars to repair your vehicle, but you have a $500 deductible. The insurance will pay $3000 ($3500 minus your $500 deductible), with the balance left for you to pay. Instead of us billing you, we simply discount it to make it a zero out-of-pocket repair!

Yes! There is a lifetime warranty on all of our repairs! If you have a question regarding your warranty, just call us so we can assist you!

This one is tricky. Most body shops do not have an experienced paintless dent repair tech. What most do is subcontract it out to a company like us. We like to compare the body shop to a regular doctor’s office (a GP). He will then send you to a specialist to get you expert care. We are the dent repair experts.

If your insurance company does not provide a rental car, we often times can at no cost to you!

Yes! We are approved to work with all insurance companies!

Insurance companies have deals with shops. These agreements often come at a reduced cost to the insurance company. So they basically save money on your repair. Cheaper repairs may not always be in your best interest. We work for you, not the insurance company. It is illegal for any company to tell you to use their “preferred” vendors, as it is your choice! You get the same warranty with us as you do with a preselected vendor that the insurance company wants you to use.

Most people qualify for a zero-cost repair and a free rental car. We work for you so, not the insurance company. We will not do a sub-par repair to save them money. We will find all damage on your vehicle to make sure it gets back to the pre-loss condition. All of our work is warrantied for as long as you own the vehicle.

The initial estimate is really just a birds-eye view of the damage. The initial insurance estimate usually misses a lot of damage. This is because we have special lights to find every dent on your car. Ever notice how from some angles you can see scratches and dents? That is why we ALWAYS do a complete inspection to provide a complete estimate to your insurance company. We often find thousands of more damage that the insurance company would have not paid you. Keep in mind when you trade in your vehicle they will look for this hidden damage to offer you less money in your trade-in.

As stated above, the insurance misses a lot of damage on their first estimate. This is because they do not bring the lighting to see all the dents that are hard to see. Ever notice how after different light you see a new dent. That is what we do on our estimate. The biggest mistake people make is to take that estimate and think it is complete, which can cost you thousands when you trade in your vehicle.

We have seen cars with hundreds of dents that are hard to see. Our special lighting makes them very visible. Under most lighting, you may not see it, but you can bet when you want to trade your car in, they will find them and offer you less money. So if there was hail near you, bring it in. We will not charge you to be sure there is no damage. It only takes about 10 minutes for peace of mind.

Depending on your policy it can be 1-2 years. The only problem with waiting is that if there is another event (like a car accident or another storm), they may deny coverage to the original damage. So it is best not to wait. On the other hand, we can help you try to get your dents covered if you waiting a while.

YES! If a friend or family member chooses to work with us, with a qualifying repair, we will compensate you with $200! They get a zero-cost repair, and you get $200 just for helping them out!

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Providing Expert & Honest Service To Get You Back On The Road

Our History
Spending years as mobile PDR Techs taught us very valuable lessons. First, we always offer a one-stop solution to getting your hail damaged vehicle back on the road. Second, we handle everything from insurance companies to final repairs. Lastly, we love what we do!

Our Service
Some companies just want to do repairs on the body of the hail damaged vehicle, NOT US! We replace your glass, taillights, chrome moldings… Anything that was damaged by a recent hail storm!

  • Professional and Timely Repairs
  • Replacement Parts
  • We handle your insurance company!

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